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Who Needs To Know
Who needs to know
Registering a death

The Coroner
In the following circumstances it may be necessary to involve the Coroner:

  • In the event of sudden and unexplained deaths
  • When the cause of death is unknown
  • Where the cause of death is unnatural
  • If the death occurred while the patient was undergoing a medical procedure

The Coroner is a highly experienced police officer and if appointed it is their decision as to when the deceased can be released to the funeral director.

If the death is reported to the Coroner, he/she may decide to hold a post mortem examination to determine the cause of death. The Coroner will usually send the appropriate documentation directly to the registrar of births and deaths. Any cremation documents will be collected by the Funeral Director.

The Doctor
In all cases where the Coroner is not involved a doctor will issue a Medical Cause of Death Certificate and any other paperwork necessary for cremation. The Funeral Director will handle the co-ordination of all necessary paperwork.

Please follow this link for information about registering a death.

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